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The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and Abortion of Ideas

random thoughts on random shows with vivid female characters Jess Day, New Girl- Part 1 of 2 The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is yet another term we’ve found to dismiss female characters. They’re no longer allowed to be bright, and light-hearted, and zany, and eclectic, and free-spirited, and unconventional, and a bit hipster, and cheerful, and feminine. Because, clearly, femininity is a bad thing. The only point of an MPDG seems to be to get the soulful young male character to brighten up! To look at the good side of the world! The silver lining of the cloud!

Be a Millennial

Be a Millennial, and don’t let anyone tell you not to be.Take pride in being a special snowflake with dozens of participation trophies. Be afraid of your student debt. Be angry at your dismissal by people who can barely work... Continue Reading →

Rogue One

Rouge One could have been so much more. Yes, Jyn's a woman. And she's the protagonist. Yay! Oh, and Mon Mothma's there too! And her mother! And...we're done. Couldn't they have made more of the crew female? Would it have COMPLETELY ruined the plot to maybe have the pilot be female? or the monk? or even a droid voiced by a female?The crew of Rogue One is beautiful in terms of diversity, but that galaxy really needs to worry about their diminishing female population.

India: Let’s blame victims and western culture.

One of India's many never-should-have-been-elected politicians decided to victim shame young women, yet again. On New Year's Eve, in Bangalore, India, several women on Church Street, MG Road and Brigade Road were molested, despite the stringent security measures. And the politician decided it was because the women were wearing 'western clothes'. He believes that the young women's echoing of western culture is the only reason they were molested.

Through the Glass Ceiling

Society, at its most despicable, allows for the equality of women. Men agree that maybe, just maybe, women can take leadership positions and handle them well, and throw them into the most difficult situation they can find. Companies realize their failures, and search for the closest qualified woman scapegoat. If against all odds, she succeeds, the company's benefited.If she doesn't, for ages afterward, the woman is an example. We tried having a woman in power, and just look at what happened! Clearly, they can't be trusted. And this gives them a reason to continue with their biased appointments.


‘Well, there was no 33 year old blond left-handed short dyslexic person in this story, so I had no one to identify with.' For children, representation is the most beautiful thing we can do. To them, Obama's Obama, not the first African-American President. They'll notice he's black, but to them it won't be as dramatic as it was for us.

Tone Policing and why I won’t calm down.

If it's an issue I care about, I'm going to have emotions involving it. And I'm going to talk fast, and I'm going to be angry. Or sad. Or happy. And that doesn't mean that I'm not making sensible arguments that people should listen to. Listen to me, and listen to a voice that is wracked with emotion, and understand that it is because the issue is important to me.

Be Fourteen

A small bit of love to fourteen year olds, because I can't tell fourteen year old me.  Be fourteen, and don’t let anyone tell you not to be. Cry in the middle of the night over a poorly conceived text,... Continue Reading →

Why can’t I say it, but you can?

They tell you it's okay if people call you a slut. A cripple. Gay. Because of course, it doesn't hurt unless you let it hurt you. And you're weak if you do let it hurt you. We're forgetting an inherent problem here- they intended it to hurt.

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