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June 2017

The words you said before and after ‘Retarded’

Another PSA to the classmate I only talk to for the oppressive stupidity that pours out of his mouth (A follow-up to 'the word 'Retarded'') Me: I think you're being homophobic. Saying, 'It's like it would be really cool to have a gay friend' kind of makes it sound like you'd be friends with someone based purely off their sexuality. It also comes directly after you suggested you'd like to be friends with a midget. Are you equating sexuality and being a midget?


The word ‘retarded’

The first thing you learn is how awful words are. As a person who nearly always talks too fast, I’m used to words tripping and stumbling and getting caught in each other as they slip out. I’m used to incomprehensibly... Continue Reading →

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