A Radio Host decided to announce that she thought WomensMarch was useless. ‘Because it’s all over and done with! What’s the point now?’

(or words to that effect, I will not attest to the accuracy, I had applied an Instagram filter of angry)

She also continued on about how it wasn’t important to us, but some people just like to have opinions on stuff like this.

Oh, I have so many opinions on this I can barely start.

Ever since that Fresh Off the Boat episode where that cute little kid in third grade explained American democracy to me, I’ve been extremely confused about the democracy of voting.

But one thing stayed the same – Donald Trump should not be our 45th president. And not simply because he can’t spell honored. Because he’s sexist, and racist. Because of the things he’s said. Because Hillary won the popular vote. Because it’s never been anything but America first as far as I’ve known. America’s loved to make itself first. And they’ve just handed him the most powerful country in the world.

The protests were beautiful, because they’re throwing democracy back in his face. And so, so, so many people I know would have loved to be there. In solidarity. In love. In democracy. Before today, I was afraid. Now I’m in love with the idea of democracy all over again. With the idea of peaceful protest.

There’s never been this level of opposition to an incoming President in history. Ever. They’re taking their country back.

You miss the point. And you will continue to miss the point, until you stop talking and start listening. This is not about who won or lost the election. This is not about Hillary or Bill. This is not about Barack Obama, or the bullshit birther movement you may or may not have supported. This is not even about retribution for the hypocrites who supported the Republican blockage in Congress over the last eight years.This is about essential and foundational human rights. ¬ Rachel Macaulay 

There is so much behind this that is incredible, and I’m still surrounded by people too ignorant to see. By people who play the ‘Top 40 Songs in the USA’ on Sunday, and talk about how much they love the music, and still can’t see how something that happens across the world applies to them. They pitch themselves as a radio station for a ‘fun, young Bangalore’, but apparently if you’re open-minded, you’re excluded from that category.