a short rant, because I love your stories, but sometimes the cliche is just too cliche

This is where the story needed to go. Also known as, I can’t be creative and take my story in a different direction so I can subvert tropes. You only get so many options based off of your nationality, or gender, or sexual orientation.

If you’re gay, for example, you get a.funny b. suicidal c. constantly living in fear of being exposed. If you’re black, you’re probably going to die first.

It’s almost as though the writers have no say in where the story goes. The narrative takes over their brain, and any critical thinking ability or chance of reflecting on things vanishes. There’s no editing, no critical thought, just the all-powerful Story.

Um, no. Editing’s the bane of my existence. Why shouldn’t it be the bane of yours? I’m sure you can expend a little time to consider the implications the show, or movie, or book could have.

Of course you weren’t thinking about the million other similar deaths when you wrote this story, no no no no no, yours is unique.