Rouge One could have been so much more.

Yes, Jyn’s a woman. And she’s the protagonist. Yay! Oh, and Mon Mothma’s there too! And her mother! And…we’re done.

Couldn’t they have made more of the crew female? Would it have COMPLETELY ruined the plot to maybe have the pilot be female? Or the monk? or even a droid voiced by a female?The crew of Rogue One is beautiful in terms of diversity, but that galaxy really needs to worry about their diminishing female population.

Yes, their genders didn’t matter to the plot. Which is my point. If it didn’t matter, why couldn’t they be female instead?

It hurts all three of my feelings that the default was men, especially since Galen Erso could have been Lyra Erso instead. The plot’s in place, the feelings still important, the love still the same. (As fanatic as I am about Star Wars, I’m not completely sure if he was mentioned before)

And Jyn has basically no personality. Padme, Leia, Rey, they have stories, and lives, and reasons for doing what they do.

As the nerds of color say,

“So the biggest issue is that Jyn’s storyline is supposed to be this awesome heroic story, but it really reads as ‘All the problems of white feminism’ to me. She goes from ‘I don’t care about politics (even as my father is working to help the space nazis with genocide, and I was raised by a militant Black rebel)’ to ‘Don’t you see? Everyone has to listen to me because HOOOOOPPPPEEE.’”

which I love, because it perfectly describes what I’ve been feeling.

But I love how for the first time, it’s not focused on the force, and it’s not about younger people discovering the force and how they can use it. Unlike The Force Awakens, it’s not light and funny, and it’s darker, and more redemption-y and more adult.

Disney hasn’t messed up our galaxy, and I’m incredibly happy it finally gives me a reason for why the Death Star was so vulnerable. Unlike the Cursed Child, which I will forever dismiss as horrendous fan fiction, I love Rouge One. And now I’m excited about Disney carrying forward George Lucas’ legacy.

May the force be with us.