Let’s reclaim the slurs.

They tell you it’s okay if people call you a slut. A cripple. Gay. Crazy.

Because of course, it doesn’t hurt unless you let it hurt you.

And you’re weak if you do let it hurt you.

We’re forgetting an inherent problem here- they intended it to hurt. Chances are, even if they didn’t know the specific hate behind a particular word, the fact that they’re using it at all means it’s said with venom, and cruelty.

Stop deciding what free speech means. Sure, maybe you meant it as a joke, but dozens of others don’t. They’ve dealt with people who meant it viciously. They’ve dealt with people who meant it to hurt. Just because you don’t quite mean it doesn’t mean it’s not going to affect them. Stop thinking you’re a special person, high on a pedestal above the rest of humanity, because you said a slur and you didn’t mean it to hurt.

It’s tasteless, uncultured, an indication I’m not a person to you, I’m a slur. Your flippant use of slurs gives everyone a right to peel away my levels of humanity, making me nothing more than the insult you decided to use.

There are two situations possible- either you do have the qualities of the insult, or you don’t. Some of us need to recognize that if you do have the qualities, you probably know it. It’s still not justified to call them that- they’re aware of it, and I doubt they need the reminder. If they aren’t why is the person insulting them adding more hate to the word BY using it as an insult?

And it’s a way the person is telling you- ‘you’re a slut, and I’m not, and therefore I am better than you.’ The word is covered in privilege, in power, in oppression.

And please, please, please, stop using gay as an insult. Stop teaching children it’s an insult. Stop acting like it’s something that defines their life- it only defines their life when they’re denied rights.

Help us reclaim the slurs. Yes, I’m a slut, and it doesn’t define me, and it’s my choice how I want to live my life.

I wasn’t asking for your opinion.

When you reclaim them, reclaim the hurt. The pain. The oppression. The rebrand them with your tinge of irony. Tell people that sure, you use it to hurt me, and now I use it to protect me.