Hush, little baby, don’t say a word
Ever; your sister is talking

Mallory Ortberg

So you aren’t a feminist because you don’t love everything they stand for?

Ironic Misandry is a movement that began from the misogynistic whiners that attacked feminism. Misandry is childish- it exaggerates women equality to a point where it simply equals the destruction of all men.

Across social media, young women identify as misandrists, because it gives them an entry into the feminist viewpoint without facing the constant hatred of old, established feminists and the notions they’ve spread. Misandry, at its heart, is a young movement, by young people, and helps them differentiate between the smart, in-the-know men, and the misogynists that will whine about how stupid the ‘Male Tears’ mug they’re drinking out of is.

Misandry’s a pretty, petty game, and a weapon girls deploy. It’s a joke, it’s a snarky comeback, and it’s a turnaround of all the supremacist male propaganda. If a man can wear a shirt with an inappropriate remark about girls, women can wear a shirt that advocates banning all men, and it is simultaneously a joke, and a startling awakening.

Even though the destruction of all men isn’t going to happen anytime soon, it will require the deflation of male power.

Being an actual feminist, and walking around with the label stapled to you, means that you don’t get called out for not being a true woman- after all, feminism is just about equality for women! How on earth can you, as a woman, not support equality?

It’s an inside inside joke poking fun at women who couldn’t possibly be feminists because they love men too much.

Being a feminist means being judged. And being told stories about a few feminists who didn’t get it. And being forced to support every decision ever made by another feminist.


Some sexist provocations are too tiresome to counter with a full-throated feminist argument.

Amanda Hess

So being a misandrist means you’re a feminist. And a sassy one. A snarky one. One that fully supports being a feminist, but challenges patriarchal ideas all the more.

In my opinion, misandry isn’t the solution. But until men, and non-feminist women take me seriously, misandry is an option that isn’t immediately laughable. Yes, it all begins from hatred, and I can’t endorse that. But to me, it’s a lot more hard-hitting that vague statements about our equality.

I’m going to believe my gender is superior until we’re truly equal, because that seems the only way to join men on their privileged pedestal.

Maybe I’m wrong, but nothing else has worked yet.