Colorless Kenopsia

Tireless Magic


December 2016


‘Well, there was no 33 year old blond left-handed short dyslexic person in this story, so I had no one to identify with.' For children, representation is the most beautiful thing we can do. To them, Obama's Obama, not the first African-American President. They'll notice he's black, but to them it won't be as dramatic as it was for us.


Tone Policing and why I won’t calm down.

If it's an issue I care about, I'm going to have emotions involving it. And I'm going to talk fast, and I'm going to be angry. Or sad. Or happy. And that doesn't mean that I'm not making sensible arguments that people should listen to. Listen to me, and listen to a voice that is wracked with emotion, and understand that it is because the issue is important to me.

Be Fourteen

A small bit of love to fourteen year olds, because I can't tell fourteen year old me.  Be fourteen, and don’t let anyone tell you not to be. Cry in the middle of the night over a poorly conceived text,... Continue Reading →

Why can’t I say it, but you can?

They tell you it's okay if people call you a slut. A cripple. Gay. Because of course, it doesn't hurt unless you let it hurt you. And you're weak if you do let it hurt you. We're forgetting an inherent problem here- they intended it to hurt.


We are the subjects of the sentence. Not the objects. We're not here for you, as the subject to act upon. We're surrounded by a commercialism culture that tells us we're here for other people's judgement and opinion. And when we're not acceptable objects, we're broken so much we can't conceive the idea of being the subject.

Ironic Misandry

Ironic Misandry is a movement that began from the misogynistic whiners that attacked feminism. Misandry is childish- it exaggerates women equality to a point where it simply equals the destruction of all men. Across social media, young women identify as misandrists, because it gives them an entry into the feminist viewpoint without facing the constant hatred of old, established feminists and the notions they've spread. Misandry, at its heart, is a young movement, by young people, and helps them differentiate between the smart, in-the-know men, and the misogynists that will whine about how stupid the 'Male Tears' mug they're drinking out of is.

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