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Feminism: A question. Or a lot of them

You see, feminists do not want it to be about empowerment. We want it to be about equality. So when we point out that calling us ‘feminazis’ is rude, or suggesting that male feminism should not be an unforeseen concept, maybe instead of saying you’re tired of hearing us talk about feminism, do something about your thoughts.

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The words you said before and after ‘Retarded’

Another PSA to the classmate I only talk to for the oppressive stupidity that pours out of his mouth (A follow-up to 'the word 'Retarded'') Me: I think you're being homophobic. Saying, 'It's like it would be really cool to have a gay friend' kind of makes it sound like you'd be friends with someone based purely off their sexuality. It also comes directly after you suggested you'd like to be friends with a midget. Are you equating sexuality and being a midget?

The word ‘retarded’

The first thing you learn is how awful words are. As a person who nearly always talks too fast, I’m used to words tripping and stumbling and getting caught in each other as they slip out. I’m used to incomprehensibly... Continue Reading →

Why I would have marched

A Radio Host decided to announce that she thought WomensMarch was useless. 'Because it's all over and done with! What's the point now?' (or words to that effect, I will not attest to the accuracy, I had applied an Instagram... Continue Reading →


This is the most beautiful poem

Libba Bray


You have woken the witch that lives deep inside me.

You have removed the slumber chains from the giant of old.

You have handed me a box of matches and no chaperone

And a world made of lies and polyester.


You have barked up the wrong bitch.

Proclaim it:

I have shucked off the good, southern lady’s cloak,

Of the homecoming court, the cheerleader,

The preacher’s daughter, hands gentled in her lap.

They tied it at my neck with a bow, a Gordian girl-knot,

When I was young and bossy and sure-footed

“For protection,” they said.

Whose protection? I wondered.


I have sent that shit out to the dry cleaners

I will not pick it up

They can sell it for a profit from a rack on the street.

From now on,

I’m exposing the raw pink edges of my true skin to the sun.

Some things…

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'Boys will be boys,' because our parents would rather make a nonsensical sexist statement about a gender, than teach them differently.

Prop Clothing: a question. Or a lot of them

Why is there the mere suggestion of a pocket? Where is the actual pocket? Where am I supposed to keep my phone? Do I have to carry a bag? Why am I not trusted with an actual pocket? What do they think I'll put in it? Where do I keep my phone? What do these sizes mean?

The problem with being kind

All my life, I've been taught to be kind. To live and let live, to always start with 'please' and finish with 'thank you', and to never be rude or disrespectful. It's one of my main beliefs, to be irrevocably good to people. I was okay with that, for the longest time, before I realized that it didn't necessary mean that people would be good to me. I live in a country where distrust is as common as hair loss advertisements, which trust me- is a lot. I know now, not to smile openly at strangers, to walk confident and aloof down the streets amongst the catcalls, to be unafraid of saying 'No.'

Leadership Camp

There's a shrill voice piercing through the air, and I shift, too tired to discern a word. All I can see for some mysterious reason is green, and I slowly realize that (of course) our shelter has all but collapsed.... Continue Reading →

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and Abortion of Ideas

random thoughts on random shows with vivid female characters Jess Day, New Girl- Part 1 of 2 The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is yet another term we’ve found to dismiss female characters. They’re no longer allowed to be bright, and light-hearted, and zany, and eclectic, and free-spirited, and unconventional, and a bit hipster, and cheerful, and feminine. Because, clearly, femininity is a bad thing. The only point of an MPDG seems to be to get the soulful young male character to brighten up! To look at the good side of the world! The silver lining of the cloud!

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